Badging Requirements


Each competency has a variety of activities in three categories; Learning Activities (LA), Experiential Activities (EA), and Career Management Activities (CMA). You can complete as few as one competency or all of them if you so desire, depending on the time commitment you are willing to make. Everything about the program is voluntary and self-paced, and students at any stage in their academic career are free to jump in and start the program, even transfer students!

Why should you participate in the EXCEL+ Career Readiness plus Leadership program?

Much research has been completed on what is known as the “skills gap”, or how employers view newly graduated student worker skills to what they think new employees should know. According to a 2018 NACE career readiness report, 73% of employers thought leadership was an essential skill that entry-level college students needed, while only 33% of employers believed college graduates had minimal levels of leadership proficiency. Our program aims to address these gaps and allow students to develop missing skills and articulate college experiences in terms of career readiness and leadership.

  • Articulate your college experiences to employers and graduate schools and how they apply to career readiness and leadership
  • Gain valuable job experiences to enhance your resume’
  • Enhance your personal leadership style and develop new skills
  • Apply classroom knowledge to real-world problems and situations
  • Co-curricular activities in the leadership program are considered to be experiential (based on observation or involvement), or High-Impact Practices, which have been shown to have the following benefits for students:
    • Increased GPA
    • Stronger connection with and appreciation of your overall campus experience
    • Develop stronger relationships with faculty and staff
    • Increase interactions with and understanding of people from different cultures and backgrounds
    • Development of ethical reasoning and communication skills
  • Receive recognition for your efforts through badging and other rewards for higher levels of program completion
  • Have fun on campus!
There are two parts to the program:
1. Individual Competency Badges  

A badge of competency mastery will be awarded when students complete a total of 30 points for each individual competency within the 3 areas; Learning Activities, Experiential Activities, and Career Management Activities. There is a requirement of 10 points in each area consisting of activities such as courses, Career Center programs and workshops, internships, education abroad, reflection essays, and more. You may complete as many competencies or as few as you wish. Every time you participate in one of these activities (whether or not you earn the badge), the experience assists you in your future grad school/career growth by making you more well-rounded, helps you create a stronger resume, improves your interviewing skills, and creates better opportunities for job growth and advancement no matter what your post-UCR plans are.

2. EXCEL+ Student Leaders Awards 

Students will be awarded additional badges (along with other recognition) upon completion of multiple competencies.

  • Dean’s Student Leader badge – awarded upon completion of any three competencies (90 points total).
  • Provost’s Student Leader badge – awarded upon completion of the Dean’s Student Leader badge plus an additional 2 competencies (150 points total).
  • Chancellor's Student Leader badge - awarded upon completion of the Dean's Student Leader badge, Provost's Student Leader badge, plus an additional 2 competencies (210 points total).

Program Recognition


Program Level Requirements Recognition
career dev badge.png

Individual Competencies

Complete a total of 30 points in each of the 3 areas:

  • Learning Activities
  • Experiential Activities
  • Career Management Activities
  • Digital mastery badge for each competency completed
  • Badges can be used on LinkedIn, resumes', or on social media as a way to show future employers of your mastery over the competency topic
dean's badge

Completion of any 3 full competencies

  • 90 points total
  • Dean's Student Leader Award badge for social media/LinkedIn profile
  • Honors cord
provost's badge

Completion of any 5 full competencies

  • 150 points total
  • Provosts' Student Leader Award badge for social media/LinkedIn profile
  • Honors sash
  • End of the year dinner recognition celebration
chancellor's badge

Completion of any 7 full competencies

  • 210 points total
  • Chancellor's Student Leader Award badge for social media/LinkedIn profile
  • Medallion for graduation
  • End of the year dinner recognition celebration


EXCEL+ Career Readiness plus Leadership program information
Career competencies
Career Competencies

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Badging Requirements

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Campus Activities

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